Glass Lifting

When it comes to lifting glass we have the most up to date glass lifting equipment on the island.

Our glass lifting robot can lift up to 625kg with overhead mounting up to 4.2m.

This robot is perfect for projects with large glass panels and is remotely operated for additional safety.

At only 83cm wide it fits through narrow corridors making this a very versatile machine.

Not only for lifting glass, this piece of kit has both crane and forklift attachments making light work of awkward loads.

Our Powr-Grip MRTA8 has eight suction cups that can lift up to 635kg, with multiple configurations for different load sizes.

Our Powr-Grip 4 suction cup machine can lift up to 320kg, making this a versatile lifting solution.

Our Powr-Grip machines are used in combination with a crane to lift large glass panels over properties, making installation a much easier task.